Visiondrivers have six categories of trainings which include: Leadership Development, Motivational Empowerment, Personal Development, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, and Business Development. Each of these training categories is embedded with several course modules. See below:


Today’s organization is in need of leaders who can turn things around. As Warren Bennis said, “a business short on capital can borrow money and one with poor location can move. But a business short on leadership has little chance of survival. Leaders are important because they set the direction and help move an organization from where they are to where they need to be. At Visiondrivers we offer first class Leadership Training Programs that help drive your organizational vision.Below are some the courses we offer. Executive Leadership Training Leading Organizational Change Coaching Skills for Managers Leading High Performance Teams Leadership Skills for Managers Leading-Up: How to Manage your Boss Leading with Power: How to Influence & Not Intimidate Project Leadership & Management


One key objective of Visiondrivers is to motivate corporate organizational executives, managers, and all staff across departments, to gear them for peak performance. At VISIONDRIVERS, we don’t stop at motivation. We offer after motivational services. Our motivational program termed, Beyond Motivation, is tailored to not only motivate employees but also help them form the habit of staying motivated in achieving their organizational and personal goals. Below are some of our motivational topics. The Visionary Employee New Employee Skills Training The First-Time Manager: What You Need to Know Thriving: Leading at the Workplace Leadership in Time Management Culture Transformation: Healthy Culture, Healthy Organization The Winning Attitude at Workplace Working As A Team, Winning As A Team


Sales and marketing are the heartbeat of any successful business. One of the greatest challenge facing many organizations today is how to effectively articulate the proper way to get their product/service to their target audience. Our sales and marketing training program is designed to help our clients define their target market and channel their products/services to them. Below are some of the courses we offer on sales and marketing. Effective Marketing Skills for Marketers Managing A Successful Sales Team The Sales Leader: How to Become A Sales Superstar Negotiation Skills for Managers Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills Marketing Plan/Strategy Training Total Quality Sales Training


Visiondrivers offer various Self-development and Personal Management training programs to add superior value to our clients. Our personal development program termed, PERSONALPOWER, is specifically formulated to enhance our client in making them stay at the cutting-edge in their field. Below are some of our courses. Effective Presentation Skills Public Speaking Skills for Managers Personal Effectiveness & Mastery The Emotionally Intelligent LeaderCreativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving at Workplace Time Management Skills for Managers


In these days of competitive markets, the business that excels at customer service is the one that will not only maintain their position, but grow. At VISIONDRIVERS we offer excellent customer service training program that will entirely transform our clients towards achieving customer loyalty and building market share. Below are some of our available courses. Leading your Customers The Efficacy of Superior Customer Service Listening Skills Training Customer Relationship Management


Borne out of the need to improve organizational skills, people management skills, leadership and entrepreneurial abilities in the Nigerian workspace and beyond, Visiondrivers offers business development training programs to deliver value to business owners and intending entrepreneurs who want to start up their businesses. Below are some of our courses. The Leading CEO: Casting the Vision Performance Management & Productivity Improvement Course Principles of HR Management Leadership your Business The Leading Manager: Challenges Managers Face & Their Solutions Management Guide for Business Owners Starting & Managing A New Business